105th Birthday Extravaganza

It is my 40th birthday and my Dad's 65th, together we are having a 105th birthday party in the lovely garden at my parents' place in the countryside. There will be eating, dancing, banjos, and rabbits hopping around.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to get there.

the party is at 40 Wingrave Rd, Lockwood South, a bit past Castlemaine and not quite at Bendigo; it is about an hour and 40 min from Melbourne, you can get there by car, or get a lift from Castlemaine or Kangaroo Flat station. Or if you are feeling adventurous you can catch the train and ride your bicycle to the house.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


What to eat? Everyone likes eating.
we are making a Mediterranean-ish oriented feast for Saturday evening and breakfasty stuff on Sunday, as usual I will be making lots of food; and will do my best to make sure the V/VG/GF people have something to eat, but please also bring something, and of course some drinks. We have rented a coolroom so there will be plenty of storage for food and drink.


Simon MacEwan is turning 40 and Richard MacEwan 65, so they are celebrating this momentous accumulation of 105 years with a party.
Camping space is abundant at Twangadiddlydoo and toilets and shower facilities are on hand.
We begin on Friday 31st October with Halloween fun - if you have children bring them to this. Spooky stuff, pumpkin soup and mulled wine provided. 6.30 pm onwards.
Then a big party 1-2 November, starting late afternoon on Saturday and featuring live and also DJ'd music (the latter likely to go till very late/early). Bring something to share or to bbq for this one.
Sunday 2nd November, more of a chill out day after Saturday excesses, but social, informal, music, wine tasting (afternoon vertical tasting of Twanga vintages since 2004), games...
Finishing with a birthday lunch for Richard on 3 November.